Just had my consultation with Vicky. What an eye opener. I’m so happy with my results that I can’t wait to sort through my wardrobe and pick out new outfits. Vicky was very knowledgable and helpful and I really enjoyed my session. Thank you.

Sian Whitehead

Vicky provided both a friendly and very effective service - her colour analyst skills were excellent; which  really helped my wife and I understand what works for us. She was both knowledgeable of our colours, but also took into account our personalities. Since we met Vicky we really haven't looked back... our wardrobes are a breath of fresh air! Thanks Vicky.

Alan Lee

Loved my colour session with Vicky. She helped me understand what colours were best suited to me and the ones to avoid! Fabulous and fun. Would definitely recommend. It’s amazing how wearing the right colours can make you feel. 😀

Georgina Atkinson 

I really enjoyed my colour connection session with vicky. She was very well organised, professional, patient and informative during the session.she gave me some great make up and jewellery tips as well as inspiring me to try lots of new bright colours. I found the personality test really interesting too. since I've been wearing the new colours at work lots of people have commented on them which has been lovely. Thoroughly recommend!

Natalie Groom 

Vicky is very knowledgeable in what she does, and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed at my session. She was complimentary, and I trust her choice of colours for me. Soon after the session, I found myself ordering pink tops, which I never used to do! I used to mainly wear greys and blacks...

Akiko Ogawa

Thank you for your help and insights Vicky. I now feel much more confident when out shopping for my clothes; but what really makes the difference is noticing people complimenting me on my choices, increasing my own inner positivity as this didn't happen before. As such, both the colour fan and Vicky's support are already paying dividend and this will certainly continue to pay for itself into the future I'm sure!

Michael Lee

Vicky really knows her stuff and made me feel at ease. As well as finding out the colours I should be wearing, it was really interesting to find out the theories behind it all! I'm looking forward to a shopping spree and embracing my warm spring colours 🙂

Vicky Morrison 

Vicky’s assessment of me was spot on and gave me more confidence when I’m shopping for clothing

Diane Canning 

Having Vicky discuss what colours actually suited me is eye-opening. It was hugely interesting to find out your personality also aligns to your colour match and since my session I have worn colours that properly suit me & have received many compliments! Vicky also helped with make-up choices which was an excellent addition to the experience. Choosing new clothes is now so much easier as the guesswork of whether it will suit is removed. I could have done with her insight years ago and would have saved a fortune!

Donna Jones